What Are The Signs That Your Home Needs An Electrical Panel Upgrade?

30 December 2015
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Your home's electrical panel supplies the electrical service to your home. The maximum amperage of the electrical panel is the maximum amount of power that your home can draw for its lights, appliances and other electrical devices. Although modern homes often have a maximum electrical service of 200 amps, older homes can have far less, because in years past many households had less need for electricity. If your home's maximum amperage is not enough to meet your electrical needs, you'll notice warning signs that indicate the need for an upgrade. Read More 

Top Reasons Why Baseboard Heat May Be Right For You

25 December 2015
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Are your feet always cold when you're at home? Does it seem like the floor is always freezing, no matter what the temperature on the thermostat says? Even when your furnace is working as efficiently as possible, it can still seem quite cold inside. Fortunately for you, it doesn't have to stay that way. Here are some reasons why installing baseboard heat may be just what you need: Quiet: With old radiator systems, there can be knocking or hissing if the pressure in the system is incorrect. Read More 

Put Aside Your DIY Attitude And Call An Electrician For These Three Jobs

24 December 2015
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Provided you have the right selection of tools and you've carefully researched the right way to complete the job, performing some of your own electrical work around the home can be rewarding. Changing an overhead light or replacing an outlet, for example, is something homeowners can often do safely and with a relative degree of ease. While your do-it-yourself attitude can apply to several projects, it shouldn't always be the answer. Read More 

2 Easy Lighting Changes to Transform a Your Restaurant

23 December 2015
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There are a lot of aspects of a restaurant that make it successful as a whole, but when you start breaking things down, the appeal and functionality of the building is easily a prime component. This is especially true when it comes to commercial lighting. Too many restaurant owners put a lot of funding into creating a building that works, but don't give enough attention to how well it works. Just by making a few key lighting changes in the restaurant that you own, you will see a dramatic difference in not just how well the business can function, but how well it caters to your customers. Read More 

How To Install A Ceiling Junction Box For A Light Fixture

21 December 2015
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If you want to install a ceiling light fixture, you need to install an electrical junction box. The electrical junction box joins the wiring, and helps give the fixture support. Though it would seem simpler to just insert the wires through the drywall, a shortcut such as this could result in fires, or cause the fixture to fall along with part of the ceiling. Here are some tips to install an electrical junction box in the ceiling. Read More